Danijela Stanojević Majerić, Novi Zagreb, Croatia

Contacts: danijela.stanojevic@inet.hr, web: http://www.astudio.hr

I am looking forward to the opportunity of writing my  novel, “Kako ubiti svekrvu?” (“How to kill mother in law?”), in such a creative environment. The very title of the novel suggests its provocative story with unpredictable twists.

I have been feeding the inner urge to practice literature since early youth, but have only got into some more serious writing with a column “Vaša Estera” (“Your Estera”) during college years, in late 1990’s. It was very popular, having cca. 5.000 unique hits per day, published on the biggest Internet portal at that time, Internet Monitor.

In 2001. Festival of A literature (FAK) announced a contest for the best short story, in which I decided to participate with my short story, “Nedjeljna euritmija” (“Sunday eurhythmy”). As a graduate at Faculty of Journalism, I won the competition with this provocative story, breaking prejudice of a homophobic society. The story is about two hairdressers making passionate love through cutting hair.

My writing is fast, progressive and razor sharp, it requires a lot of research that takes time to form the worlds able to analyze and criticize our society. My first book, “Nauči psa trikovima” (“Tech a dog tricks”), was written in this manner, a compilation of short stories. Such short stories are attractive due to their honesty and directness, seducing the reader that can easily identify with main character.

I look at the CAMAC bursary as a great opportunity to connect my notes and ideas for my first novel into an exquisite adventure.


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