City libraries support 500 books to France

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It seems that numbers are your only interest! Than we should say that “Teach a dog tricks” would be one of the best-sellers on Pola ure kulture’s (tv show)scale of best selling books last Thursday, as well as this one J

The “500 books to France” campaign officially kicked off on May 12th. And it just keeps rolling on! Until 459 books are sold and the author is shipped off to France. The campaign is supported by City libraries, who decided to invite Danijela Stanojević Majerić to Čazma on May 21st at 19:00 and May 28th yours truly will be welcome to “Literary Friday”, a program moderated by Boris Perić. They too are doing their best to sell these books as fast as possible!

The whole campaign is very well presented in media! Večernji list (daily) says it is a very original and fun campaign! As the author obligated herself to keep everything transparent, she is writing blogs and hoping to get enough media space to write weekly from France!

On Wednesday, May 12th, a whole bunch of people showed up at Grič cinema! They were able to see the show “Sarma” (transl. Cabbage rolls) directed by Mario Kovač, cast: Petra Radin, Dino Škare and Mario Kovač.

Danijela Stanojević Majerić has introduced her “500 books to France” campaign and gave innumerous amounts of statements and interviews –

The whole event was supported by celebrities and distinguished members of society! The entire list of patrons will be printed in the next book, “How to kill Mother-in-law?” that will be finished in Marnay sur Seine. More about the campaign concept –

Vive la France! And if you are still not involved, simply buy the book on and invest in art directly!


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