City libraries support 500 books to France – and that support took hold!

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Čazma with capital Č – rocks!

An almost-exclusive female literary circle took place at Čazma, with just one man, the head of the local Tourist Bureau, who welcomed Danijela Stanojević Majerić wholeheartedly, kissing her hand when introducing himself. It was more than the author could ask for – plenty of women, good media coverage and one man with wonderful presents!

Presentation of the book was satiric and spontaneous, much like reading the story “Tone-master“, where everybody discovered how the young had fun in early two-thousands and why being “Tone-master” was so important. For foxes and fame!

With the keen professional eye of hers, Danijela easily spotted a fish in the sea and recognized her for what she truly was, a new hope of Croatian Theatre. And as the French would say – voilà! Jadranka was the parfait choice! The two of them read the aforementioned “Tone-master” story, knocking the public out of their feet.

But, that is not all! Toutes les personnes présentes bought the book “Teach a dog tricks“, thus supporting the campaign “500 books to France”. There are only 438 books to go now!

All the excitement brought by reading in City libraries continues! The confirmation comes this Friday, May 28th, on “Literary Friday” held at Zagreb City Library, Starčevićev trg 6, at 20.00h! You will be welcome to a program moderated by Boris Perić, the man who knows everything about vampires, but now about Danijela Stanojević Majerić as well! There will be a celebrity desert, but only for those who show up there and buy the book “Teach a dog tricks”.

You can see the whole Čazma event on Facebook if you add Danijela as a friend, or on her blog at: Vive la France!

And if you are still not involved, simply buy the book on and invest directly into art!


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