My letter to you:

Just like Obama

Just like Obama, I have decided to have my campaign financed by people, letting them decide for themselves what kind of art they like. After being stood up by formal institutions, I have finally decided to give it a try, just like Obama!

So, this is it! The only people I can count on are my friends, fellow citizens and I. That is how the campaign 500 books to France came to be!

The only people that can help me now are common people, those that like uncommon reading. This makes you uncommon in the end, anyway.

“Teach a dog tricks” sells for 79 kn (11€) and every coin is being reinvested into writing my next book: “How to kill mother-in-law?” and devotion in France. In return, each and every one of you that buy the book becomes a personal friend of mine – a facebook friend! I’ll send you photos from France write you emails and, of course, will stuff web blogs with everyday stories from France. All of you that buy the book will be culturally refreshed and informed of novelties since this bursary offers me to spend up to four months socializing with artist from all over the world.

Feel free to look at this campaign as if it were your own project since you will always be tuned in, living out each segment of new book’s development and read web blogs of your favorite writer. It is like investing in art directly!

Your Danijela


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