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Buy the book „Teach a dog tricks“ to invest into art!

„Teach a dog tricks“ was recognized in France as a book with a completely new view on our society! UNESCO decided to take part in financing Danijela Stanojević Majerić’s work on her new book “How to kill mother-in-law?” after examining her ideas and manuscripts. Good people from CAMAC have accepted Danijela to Marnay-sur-Seine for a period up to four months.

In order to help new Croatian literature develope, give another push to the old Croatian custom of letting the artist first be acknowledged in France, only to be afterwards welcomed in Croatia!

How can you help? By becoming friends with the author and purchasing the book „Teach a dog tricks“directly from the publisher www.astudio.hr (simply leave your data through contact form) and your very own copy will magically appear on your doorstep, signed by the author herself, and she will also contact you from France!

Or, even better! Meet her at the Grič cinema on Wednesday, May 12th 2010. at 8:30 PM, buy your copy at the entrance and meet her inside. Talk to the author and ask her anything you want to know. Enjoy yet another marvelous theater piece by Mario Kovač. Dada Jihad! will then take you over and beyond the music’s final frontier.

500 Books to France is an action organized to help you to help art to move on!

Make the author of the book your facebook friend! – Add her!

Visit Danijela’s web blog at http://nptricks.posterous.com/, find out more about her and read a part of the English version of „Teach a dog tricks“


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